Women in Science Have Special Role

09 September 2022


The III International scientific and practical conference titled “Role of female scientists in the development of science, innovations and technologies” was held in Gulistan city (Sogdiyskaya region, Tajikistan) by National Agency for Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear Safety, National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, International Science and Technology Center, National Division of WiN (Women in Nuclear), Tajikistan.  

The Conference brought together about 100 female scientists in nuclear and radiation safety, biological safety, chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, ecology and other, from Central Asian countries and across the globe to discuss pursuance of gender equality and equal contribution by women to global scientific and technology innovations.

Ms. Laura Kenzhina, Head of Biodosimetry Research Laboratory, Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology, RSE NNC RK, radiobiologist, PhD in medicine presented a report “Prospects for development of biological cytogenetic dosimetry in Kazakhstan to enhance preparedness and response to radiation/nuclear emergencies in Central Asia”. The relevance of the presented report was marked with award in nomination “The relevance of the topic”. The conference participants unanimously supported the initiative to establish Central Asian biodosimetry network for radiation/nuclear emergency. The cooperation is expected to promote sustainable regional cooperation aimed at prevention, improvement of preparedness and response to radiation emergencies for extensive and transboundary regions, implementation of practical measures and/or projects in biological dosimetry, under coordinated efforts for Central Asia stability.


радиоэкология международное сотрудничество ИРБЭ инновационные технологии РГП НЯЦ РК биологическая дозиметрия ядерная медицина Республика Таджикистан международная конференция радиационная безопасность