Beginning of New Crucial Stage

19 October 2017

On October 18, 2017 the first start-up of IVG.1M reactor of the integrated testing start-up series of two experimental WCTC-LEU with fuel of low enriched uranium as a part of the core within the program on IVG.1M reactor conversion was successfully realized.

During the start-up, reactor was reached power level up to 6 MW, and has operated within 5 hours 35 minutes that correlates to reactor operation time at this power calculated under planning of integrated testing of two experimental WCTC-LEU.

The performed start-up marked a starting point of new crucial stage – life-cycle in-pile reactor tests of experimental samples of water-cooled technological channels (WCTC) of IVG.1M with promising low-enriched fuel on Uranium-235 (less than 20%).

Start-up period was attended by: Zhantikin Timur, Deputy Chairman of CAESC ME RK, Nel’son Khanan and Piter Garner (USA), Shamil’ Tukhvatulin (Russia).

It was noted that all systems functioned in normal operating conditions. IVG.1M reactor is ready to be continued for WCTC-LEU integrated testing start-up series realization.


ИВГ 1.M исследовательские реакторы

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