15 February 2021

We congratulate Erlan Gadletovich Batyrbekov, Director General of the National Nuclear Center on his anniversary!

         Thanks to the talents and diligence, wide scientific areas of interest, Erlan Gadletovich achieved outstanding success in science and practical realization of his ideas.

         We are proud that the name and concerns of the wonderful person, talented scientist are related with the National Nuclear Center of RK!

Under the direction of E.G. Batyrbekov, the National Nuclear Center reached great results in all activity areas. The center performed important research and developments in nuclear power safety. Due to the achieved results, the National Nuclear Center today promoted to the world leading positions in experimental simulation of NPP accidents with core melt.

Unique project on IGR and IVG.1M research reactors conversion is being successfully implemented.

Considerable success is reached in construction of Kazakhstan material testing tokamak KTM, this made possible to develop new activity area – controlled thermonuclear fusion technology.

With direct participation of E.G. Batyrbekov, the center created unique infrastructure and instrument-procedural framework for radioecological studies. One of the largest projects in the NNC RK’s history was completed and safety of “Experimental Field” area was ensured.

Persistent efforts of our director general in personnel training deserves profound respect.

We believe the management and administrative skills, hard work, professional potential and active citizenship open the way for Erlan Gadletovich for future contribution to solving the nuclear industry issues.

Let the future years be generous for the wellness and many reasons for satisfaction with new achievements, success and accomplishments in professional activity.

We wish to our dear Erlan Gadletovich good health, well-being, many happy days in his life, new success and achievements!


Team of the RK National Nuclear Center


поздравление юбилей Эрлан Батырбеков 60 лет!