National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan Agreed to Cooperate with International Organization on Thermonuclear Power

15 June 2017

National Nuclear Center of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International Organization on Thermonuclear Power ITER Signed The Agreement on Cooperation in Various Areas of Activity.

Signing ceremony was held in Astana within the ministerial Conference “Sustainable Development of Energy”. The document was signed by Director General of the National Nuclear Center, Erlan Batyrbekov and Director General of International Organization, Bernard Bigot.

“The Agreement signed today is the first step towards the technical cooperation between RSE NNC RK and ITER organization. ITER facility will become the first fusion facility demonstrating commercial use of controlled thermonuclear fusion. On our behalf, we propose the unique facility that was started up two days ago. We have just coincided the physical start-up event to the opening of EXPO-2017 exhibition, and, this is symbolic, as we believe that energy of the future is actually the energy of controlled thermonuclear fusion. We are very grateful to ITER Organization, personally grateful to Mr. Bigot for this opportunity of cooperation and unique proposal to Kazakhstan to be associated member of ITER that, in principle, allows our country to be among ten countries in terms of possessing and availability to unique achievements in energy of the future” – explained Erlan Batyrbekov, Head of the National Nuclear Center. 

Director General of ITER Organization, Bernard Bigot noted that ITER Organization mission is in line with the theme of the International Exhibition EXPO-2017.

“I have no doubt that sustainable energy is the part of the future. At the present moment, ITER Project covers 35 countries including China, India, Korea, Russia, USA. These countries have joined the efforts for sustainable energy development. We are grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan – it is great opportunity to work with startup Center of Materials Study” – added Mr. Bigot during the signing of the Agreement.

The Agreement signing is the important step of scientific-technical cooperation in the field of technologies development to support controlled thermonuclear fusion. In order to realize these purposes, the unique Tokamak KTM facility is being constructed at the base of the National Nuclear Center – leading scientific organization in Kazakhstan. This project is being implemented by the initiative of the Head of State, N.A.Nazarbayev in support of international program in the context of controlled thermonuclear fusion. With the use of research complex KTM, many engineering and fundamental scientific tasks that is very important, considering that according to view of the international scientific community, thermonuclear reactors, in the foreseeable future, could become practically inexhaustible, environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Kazenergy Association Press-Center

Токамак международное сотрудничество ITER EXPO2017