The start-up of IGR reactor was successfully conducted

27 October 2020

The start-up of IGR reactor was successfully conducted at the National Nuclear center of RK. The complete design power supply (5.2 GJ) was implemented in the reactor core and its heating up to 1000 °C. This is the first full-scale start-up after the upgrading and maintenance of technological systems of the reactor since 2018 which included the acquisition and adjustment of new neutrons source, control and protection system equipment as well as experimental circuit pumps that made it possible to increase the level of nuclear and radiation safety and to ensure reliable cooling of experimental channels of the reactor.

The experimental data as the result of start-up are very important both for the verification of calculation methods, programs developed and applied at the National Nuclear Center of RK, and conduction of the upcoming experiments at the reactor within the contractual obligations to foreign partners.