Work Performance on SAIGA Project

21 May 2020

On May 8, the regular remote technical meeting on SAIGA project was held with representatives of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

The meeting was held in the preparation of the closing first stage of SAIGA project - a feasibility study on the possibility of testing a model assembly of the advanced ASTRID reactor at the IGR reactor (NNC RK) using sodium loop circuit. The Parties discussed technical issues relating to the results of completed tasks on the design of sodium loop circuit. The results of thermo-hydraulic calculations of the sodium loop circuit as part of an experimental device were also considered, and thermo-physical calculations of the process of targeting stable conditions and the degradation of fuel and structural elements of the test section as part of a model FA in the test mode, etc. were discussed.

Based on the results of the videoconference, technical requirements were agreed upon for the production of a batch of fuel pellets of various enrichment to be used in the model FA of the experimental device. Moreover, an agreement was reached concerning the deadline for submitting the final report and the date of the final meeting on the results of the completion stage of FS within the SAIGA project.

         For detailed information on SAIGA project, please refer to (p. 18-23)

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