Scholarship of Director General

10 January 2020

A scholarship of National Nuclear Center’s Director General was found in 2018 in order to support and inspire young scientists and specialists’ scientific activity. Success of the practice is approved by results of researches performed by scholars in 2018 and 2019, as well as increasing concern of young employees in development of new research areas and number of publications. Late last year a decision was made to grant a scholarship to 12 candidates in 2020. Below is the list of scholars 2020:

  1. RAIMKANOVA Al’mira Muratovna – “Method development to determine radiocarbon in soil”
  2. PONOMAREVA Tatyana Sergeevna – “Evaluation of edaphic factor effect to technogenic radionuclides’ migration in “soil-plant” system”
  3. KRIVITSKIY Pavel Evgenyevich – “Development of standard site radiological passport with example of “Balapan” site”
  4. KHARCHENKO Artem Alexeyevich – “Software development to calculate internal exposure dose using biokinetic models”
  5. DOROZHKIN Il’ya Petrovich – “Field spectrometry database development”
  6. SAMARKHANOV Kuanysh Kanatuly – “Experimental research into mechanisms of filling of the level, plasma processes kinetics at hard ionizer inflation”
  7. ZHANBOLATOV Olzhas Muratbekovich – “Development of a method to calculate power of experimental devices during tests at IGR reactor considering changes in reactor condition and energy release time dependency at fission event”
  8. DAULETKHANOV Erkhat Dauletkhanuly – “Adapting a method of tool indentation for express evaluation of structure materials’ mechanical properties”
  9. KAIYRDY Gainiya Kaiyrdykyzy – “Study into physical processes of surface carbidization of tungsten at plasma  irradiation”
  10. IL’INYKH Stanislav Alexeyevich – “Software development for system computer operation of EAGLE test bench”
  11. SULEYMENOV Nurbolat Aidynovich – “Evaluation of experimental device structure materials’ radiation heating up effect to the temperature conditions”
  12. KHAZHIDINOV Azamat Saginayevich – “Development of a thermophysical model WCTC-LEU using porous zone for analyzing emergency situation at IVG.1M reactor with application of ANSYS Fluent”

       We wish success in innovations and new scientific achievements to the scholars!

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