Congratulations on the Nuclear Industry Employee Day!

27 September 2019

Dear colleagues! Dear veterans!

Please, accept my congratulations on the professional holyday – the Day of Nuclear Industry Workers! This holyday of those, who created a fundamentally new branch of economy and put the energy of atom on service to peace and creation. Today Kazakhstan’s nuclear industry is one of the most high-tech, science-intensive and economically rational industry in the country and it is considered as one of the key, strategically important and successful branches of economy. The achievements of the nuclear industry confirm the achievements of independent Kazakhstan, its ambition to take a worthy place in the future, in which nuclear power is destined to play a key role. We are truly proud of the achievements of the nuclear industry of Kazakhstan, making our significant contribution to its development. Today, thanks to your highest professionalism, successful implementation of scientific and technical programs is insured. Dear colleagues! I thank you for your work and professionalism! I am convinced, that we will continue to work efficiently for the development of nuclear energy. I wish you further success and all the best, strong health and well-being.

Director General                           E.G. Batyrbekov

поздравление торжественное собрание День работников атомной отрасли Эрлан Батырбеков РГП НЯЦ РК

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