IAEA Workshops

27 March 2019

Start of IAEA Technical Cooperation (IAEA TC) major regional project is scheduled for the period from year 2020 to 2025. The project title is “Strengthening regional environment radiation monitoring capacity”. International workshop held in Vienna (Austria) discussed preparation to the project implementation with active participation of RK National Nuclear Center’s fellows. The workshop participants represented over 20 states, to include: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Hungary, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, etc.

The discussion was focused on development of a road map for the project implementation, and initial request for project and its work plan were executed. Also, the participants discussed key moments of the project implementation related to equipment delivery and IAEA experts’ consultations to create comprehensive radiation monitoring program in member-states. According to the terms agreed, the project shall be submitted to IAEA TC managers for consideration within the present year.

Moreover, IAEA specialists now in Almaty (Kazakhstan) arranged a workshop attended by NNC RK fellows, related to implementation of a large state program titled “Radon”, scheduled for startup within the period from year 2020 to 2025.

International IAEA experts from Sweden, Czech Republic and Ukraine shared their experience in development of the Radon program. During the workshop, options were proposed for the program development, and radon action plan development issue was discussed which would make possible to reduce radon and its daughters content in living and working rooms, and discussion covered key aspects of IAEA expert consultations aimed at creating Radon program in our country.

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