Accreditation of Testing Center “Radiological Research Center”

17 October 2018

Testing Center “Radiological Research Center” is established on the basis of “Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology” branch of RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and has been operating since 2010.

Great efforts were carried out during the current year on accreditation of the Center, all stages were passed and on October 13, 2018 accreditation certificate was obtained, issued by the National Accreditation Center of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee of the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Testing Center passed accreditation upon accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/MEK 17025-2009 “General requirements for testing and calibration laboratories competence”.

Testing Center accreditation involves radiation measurements (EDR, alpha-, beta-particles flux density), alpha-, beta-, gamma-emitting radionuclides determination in environmental objects, food products, construction materials, coil, mineral raw materials and so on, elemental composition determination in environmental objects, food products, determination of granularometric composition and soil-water extracts, total chemical analysis of water, individual dosimetry control and control of x-ray equipment operating parameters.

Testing Center incorporates 4 departments, 1 laboratory and two groups. All tests are carried out on modern equipment and in compliance with requirements of measuring techniques and quality control.

To confirm quality of conducted tests the Testing Center participates in interlaboratory comparative tests not only with organizations-providers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also with International Atomic Energy Agency, Canadian Nuclear Laboratory and other international organizations.




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