Issues on Rational Use of Natural Resources, Ecology, Cadastral Valuation and Land Monitoring

01 March 2018

Round table “Issues on Rational Use of Natural Resources, Ecology, Cadastral Valuation and Land Monitoring” was held within the period from February 15 to 16, 2018 in Barnaul, RF in Altai State Agricultural University within the framework of XIII-th International Research and Practical Conference, dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Altai State Agricultural University.

Sayan Salmenbayev and Nurlan Mukhamediyarov, specialists of NNC RK, took part in the event on invitation of organizers, reporting on: “Samaria-151 Isotopes Content Determination Method in Radioactively Contaminated Soils of Semipalatinsk Test Site” and “Chemical Composition of Water and Bottom Sediments of Uzynbulak Brook”.

Stage-by-stage process of radiochemical analysis proposed for determination of 151Sm radionuclide content in soils of the former STS was presented in the first paper. Each stage will be accompanied by evaluation of Samaria isotopes purification degree. Thus, for instance, elements distribution curves were shown in sediment-solution system, as well as purification coefficients from macro- and microelements at hydroxide sedimentation from nitrate solutions.

Second paper presented results of elemental composition study in the main components of ecosystem and physico-chemical properties of surface waters of Uzynbulak brook during different seasons of a year. Spatial and seasonal variations of hydrogen index values, oxidation-reduction potential, temperature and surface water rate of Uzynbulak brook were determined.

Seminar–round table organizers noted high level of papers preparation, presented by the team of young scientists of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Conference deliverables are presented on website:


For reference. Currently 15 members of RSE NNC RK receive training in postgraduate school, magistracy and undergraduate school of Altai State Agricultural University. In 2017 two members graduated from magistracy of the University with honor diplomas on direction “Environmental Engineering and Water Use”. Our young scientists participated in conferences, organized by Altai University, for many times, and high level of their training was always noted.

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