Cooperation on Radiation Safety

09 February 2018

    In the course of the visit of members from JSC “Ulba-FA” and Ulbinsk Engineering Design Institute to NNC, issues on further cooperation between National Nuclear Center branch and Ulba Metallurgical Plant in area of radiation safety were discussed.

    This was not the first meeting for discussing the current issues, since National Nuclear Center has been providing continuous radiation and radioecological monitoring starting from 2012, when “Karadzhal” deposit was set into operation, including: radiation monitoring of water medium, radiation monitoring of territory developed, radiation control of produced ore and enclosing rocks, as well as individual dosimetry control for personnel both in industrial and accommodation zones.

    Besides, under Agreements concluded between enterprises in 2016 “Substantiation of Potential Radiation Hazardous Category” was developed for projected objects of JSC “UMP”, in 2017 operations were conducted on determination of FA production work class , and in 2018 – category justification of potential radiation hazard of FA production was realized.

    Currently it is planning to continue operations at “Karadzhal” deposit, as well as operations on justification of potential radiation hazard category for other objects and areas.

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