Best Young Scientists’ Council

13 December 2017

                                                               Best Young Scientists’ Council

The Foundation of the First President of RK – Yel’basy conducts the Annual National Competition for Young Scientists’ Councils of Kazakhstan’s scientific organizations and higher education establishments to the title “Best Young Scientists’ Council”.

This year, the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the National Nuclear Center of RK is recognized as the winner by the decision of the Competition Commission.

The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of NNC RK includes young specialists actively engaging in scientific and professional activities within the realization of the enterprise's tasks. The Council is led by Arman Miniyazov, research fellow of the Institute of Atomic Energy. The Council carries out extensive work to support and protect the interests of young members and promote their ideas and proposals. These members annually participate in the organization of the Annual R&D Competition Conference for Young Scientists and Specialists of RSE NNC RK.

награждение молодые ученые и специалисты Наставник конкурс