Scientific Conference “Technogenic Systems and Environmental Risk”

26 April 2023


Participation of RSE NNC RK’s specialists in scientific conferences, held on a regular basis, greatly contributes to facilitation of ties between organizations of various countries, upgrading of young scientists knowledge, sharing experience of scientific research. Thus, the center’s specialists attended V International (XVIII Regional) scientific conference “Technogenic systems and environmental risk”, arranged by Obninsk Institute of Atomic Energy NNRU MEPhI attended by over 210 participants from countries of near and far abroad (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China and Bangladesh).  

The area of the conference expertise traditionally reflected current scientific issues related to research into technogenic factors in human environment, evaluation of the factors effect to human being and environmental systems, ensuring environmental safety of biosphere under conditions of intensive technological advancement, development of high-technology domains of industry, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, nuclear power and technology.

Representative of RSE NNC RK presented a paper on analysis of results of simulating radionuclides intake to an organism of a human being in comparison with real data of surveillance over population.


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