Meeting of Scientific-Technical Council

07 October 2022


On October 6, 2022 a meeting of Scientific-Technical Council was held at RSE NNC RK to consider projects of scientific-technical programs aimed at supporting development of nuclear power in the country as well as providing experimental research  in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion at the unique Tokamak KTM electrophysical facility.

Scientific research in these areas provide a scientific-technical base for development of new energy technologies that is essential to ensure the energy independence and sustainable development of the state in the future. The planned scientific and technical programs will address the most urgent applied scientific tasks, the implementation of which will give an impetus to the technological development of the industry and ensure the growth of scientific competence in the country.

During the meeting, materials of dissertation works of candidates for academic degrees were also presented and discussed.


НТС Токамак термоядерный синтез заседание РГП НЯЦ РК атомная энергетика

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