Happy Ecologist’s Day!

05 June 2020

I sincerely congratulate all the members of the Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology of RSE NNC RK, industry veterans with their professional holiday – Ecologist’s Day!

         You make a great contribution to ensuring ecological safety and environment sanitation. Thanks to your proficiency and dedication, a huge amount of information has been received regarding the radiation situation at Semipalatinsk test site. Over 70%, that is 12.800 sq.km of STS territory has already been surveyed, more than 2 million field measurements and more than 100 thousand laboratory tests were carried out. All significant areas of radioactive contamination were identified.

Your work experience, unique research methods and new technologies allow you to ensure radiation safety not only at STS territory, but also at the other radiation hazardous objects in Kazakhstan. Over the years, a significant amount of work has been done to eliminate part of the radiation hazardous objects of the former ICMP, to eliminate the fire consequences of the military arsenal in Tokrau village, and to study radiation situation in western Kazakhstan and in Kalachi village. Currently, you provide radiation support at Karazhyra and Karadzhal mineral deposits. And, this is not complete list of the Institute’s achievements.

         Thank you all for the excellent work! I sincerely wish you to continue your work with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm and the best of health to you and your dearest ones!

Erlan Batyrbekov,
Director General