28th Anniversary from the Establishment of the National Nuclear Center of RK!

15 May 2020

Dear Colleagues!

Please accept my congratulations for the date of the National Nuclear Center Establishment!

        We celebrate our 28th anniversary with decisive scientific results. Our achievements in the field of nuclear energy, controlled thermonuclear fusion, radiation ecology of Kazakhstan and the former Semipalatinsk test site, non-proliferation support are the pride of independent Kazakhstan and recognized by leading international scientific organizations.

This is the reason, that today we have a strong and stable scientific and financial reserve, which allows us to overcome any test with honor and look confidently toward the future. I think this is the result of work of the competitive team of specialists of NNC RK. 

 I wish all NNC staff successful and stable work, health and happiness, and prosperity to the National Nuclear Center of RK!

                                                                                                          Erlan Batyrbekov,

                                                                                                         Director General