Opening of a New Laboratory Building!

27 December 2019

On the eve of the coming New Year, National Nuclear Center of RK opened a new laboratory building. The laboratory is provided with functioning monitoring system for radiation hazardous areas of Semipalatinsk Test Site and areas adjacent to the test site. The system shall enable early and prompt detection of any negative radiation situation, being based on measurements of extremely low concentrations of radionuclides in all environmental samples and investigation into the cause of the changes.

Reconstruction design of the new laboratory building meets the requirements of international standards in field of radioecological research. Interior of the laboratory rooms suits for special class radiation hazardous operations. Based on foreign colleagues’ experience, the new building has isolated laboratory room for extremely low background measurements, constructed of special materials. All laboratory rooms are equipped with modern laboratory and analytical equipment; the most is unique in Kazakhstan.

Total area of the reconstructed building is 570 m2. There are rooms for personnel decontamination, comfortable office rooms, modern training room in addition to laboratory rooms.

It may safely be said that the laboratory building will make possible to perform good quality radiation monitoring at STS area.

Monitoring performance shall contribute to the public awareness of situation at radiation-contaminated areas of the test site, radiation situation at adjacent regions, that in its turn will reduce radiophobia among public in our region and in Kazakhstan as a whole.

лабораторный корпус