Visit of Specialists from US National Laboratories

28 October 2019

Within the period from October 23 to October 26, 2019, a regular technical meeting was held with participation of specialists from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA. Issues on RRC “Baikal-1” infrastructure preparation for the return of IVG.1M reactor irradiated high enriched uranium (HEU) fuel to RF and technology developed in the National Nuclear Center of RK for down blending of IGR reactor irradiated HEU fuel were considered at the meeting.

Moreover, specialists of the US National Laboratories visited RRC IGR. Operations on IGR reactor fresh high enriched uranium-graphite fuel packing and transportation are carried out for its further down blending at “UMP” JSC.


международное сотрудничество ИВГ 1.M ИГР США ИАЭ РГП НЯЦ РК