Assigned Status of State Standard Samples

29 June 2020

Radionuclide analysis is one of the most important elements of radiation safety system. However, a qualitative determination of radionuclide composition of the test material is impossible without availability of the standard samples that are used both for calibration of spectrometry equipment and for quality control.

On the basis of the National Nuclear Center of RK within the framework of the commercialization project "Creating a site for the development and certification of standard samples" with the support of JSC Science Fund, standard samples of radionuclide and elemental composition were developed and created. The certification of the declared parameters was carried out with the participation of accredited laboratories of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

Today, two standard samples have successfully passed the expertise at Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology and are endowed with certificates confirming the status of state standard samples with their inclusion to the state register of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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