The following requirements are specified to articles submitted for the publication in NNC RK Bulletin.

Articles are presented in electronic format (on floppy disk or via e-mail by attachment) in MS WORD format and by hardcopy. Text is printed in A4 (210×297 mm) format sheets with the following margins: 30 mm above, 30 mm below, 20 mm from the left, 20 mm from the right in high-resolution printer (300-600 dpi).The horizontal arrangement of sheets is not assumed. The Times New Roman font 10 line high is used for the straight text and 12 lines high for captions. Please, use styles (Caption1, 2...) for captions and don't use them for straight text, tables and picture captions. Text is printed at single line spacing, one empty paragraph or spacing is in front of a paragraph of 12 lines is among paragraphs. UDC index should be referenced in the up left corner. Article title is printed by capital letters below. Surnames, names, patronymics and full titles, city and host country of organization which they represent are printed at 3 intervals after the title. After this, backing out 2 empty paragraphs or at interval before a paragraph of 24 lines, the principal text is printed. During the writing of articles it is necessary to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Article should include an abstract in Kazakh, English and Russian (130-159 words) with specification of article title, author surname, name and patronymic and full title, city and host country of organization which they represent.
  • References to the literature sources are shown by figures in article text in square brackets [1]. A list of references should be given in compliance with GOST 7.1-2003 (Download templates).
  • Illustrations (graphics, schemes and diagrams) should be made at computer (picture width is 8 or 14 cm) or as a bold design made by ink in white sheet format A4. Pay special attention to figure captions, they should be distinguishable during reduction to the above-mentioned sizes. The number of figure is pointed at it. In manuscript, a place of figure fixing is marginal. Figures should be presented particularly in one of *.tif, *.gif, *.png, *.pcx, *.dxf formats with 600 dpi resolution.
  • Formula functions in text should be encoded as Microsoft Equation or MathType objects. Chemical formulas and small figures in text should be pasted as Microsoft Word objects. Only those formulas which have references should be enumerated.

The following documents are attached to article:

  • Abstract from session protocol of Department or Methodical Counsel with recommendation for printing;
  • Act of expert examination (expert opinion);
  • Personal information of the author: surname, name, patronymic, degree, occupational title, department, office and home telephones, e-mail in separate sheet.
  • Text should be thoroughly verified and edited. At the end, an article should be signed by author; home address, office and home phones, e-mail should be also specified.

Articles, the preparation of which doesn't comply with specified requirements, are not assumed to the publication.

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