VIII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Semipalatinsk Test Site: Legacy and Prospects for Scientific and Technical Potential Development

Kurchatov, Republic of Kazakhstan, 11 - 13 September 2018


  • Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
  • “Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology” of RSE NNC RK
  • “Institute of Atomic Energy” of RSE NNC RK
  • NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC
  • Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan
  • RSE “Institute of Geophysical Researches”
  • RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics”
  • JSC “Park of Nuclear Technologies”


Conference will be held in EKO, Kurchatov town on the base of RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.


  • Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
  • “Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology” of RSE NNC RK
  • “Institute of Atomic Energy” of RSE NNC RK
  • NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC
  • Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan
  • RSE “Institute of Geophysical Researches”
  • RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics”
  • JSC “Park of Nuclear Technologies”



Erlan Gadletovich Batyrbekov –     Director General of RSE NNC RK


Mazhyn Kanapinovich Skakov –     Deputy Director General for Science –
Director of IAE RSE NNC RK

Organizing Committee Members:

S.A. Berezin – Deputy Director General of RSE NNC RK

B.M. Ibraev – Deputy Director General of “Kazatomprom”

E.A. Kenzhin – Director General of RSE INP

K.M. Donbaev – Director General of RSE IGR

A.N. Borisenko – Chairman of the Management Board of “Park of Nuclear Technologies” JSC

N.A. Zhdanova – Director of Association of “Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan”

I.L. Tazhibaeva – Head of Scientific Research Department

V.A. Vituk – Scientific Secretary of RSE NNC RK

M.K. Mukusheva – Director of RSE NNC RK Department in Astana city

A.O. Aidarkhanov – Deputy Director for Applied Researches of IRSE RSE NNC RK

V.V. Baklanov – Deputy Director for Nuclear Technologies of IAE RSE NNC RK

N.O. Utenkova –         Head of Scientific and Analytical Information and International Cooperation Department of RSE NNC RK

O.V. Seraya – Head of STIB of IRSE RSE NNC RK

Z.I. Pyatova – Head of Science and Analytical Information and International Cooperation Department of IAE RSE NNC RK



K.A. Bozumbayev  – Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan


B.M. Jaxaliev  –       Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Concil members:


Alper Z. (Turkey)

Bigot B. (France)

Florou H. (Greece)

Gauché F. (France)

Hecker S. (USA)

Hou X. (Denmark)

Hulka J. (Czech Republic)

Iwami T. (Japan)

Kitamura A. (Japan)

Мerola М. (ITER)

Mora J. C. (Spain)

Oka Yo. (Japan)

Proehl G. (Germany)

Roglans-Ribas J. (USA)

Salbu B. (Norway)

Stanculescu A. (USA)

Toyohara M. (Japan)

Wieleba W. (Poland)

Zbytek Z. (Czech Republic)

Zhunusova Т. (Norway)

Batyrbekov G.A. (Kazakhstan)

Garibov А. А. (Azerbaijan)

Dragunov Yu.G. (Russia)

Dubasov Yu. V. (Russia)

Zaytsev P.A. (Russia)

Kadyrzhanov К. К. (Kazakhstan)

Karakozov B. К. (Kazakhstan)

Kievitskaya A.I. (Belarus)

Mikhalevich А. А. (Belarus)

Mutanov G.M. (Kazakhstan)

Psakhye S.G. (Russia)

Ramazanov T.S. (Kazakhstan)

Rakhimi F. (Tajikistan)

Sadykov E.B. (Kazakhstan)

Spasskiy N.N. (Russia)

Tukhvatulin Sh.T. (Russia)

Cherepnin Yu.S. (Russia)

Shkolnik V.S. (Kazakhstan)

Yuldashev B.S. (Uzbekistan)




  • Radioecological survey of the former test sites and other radiation hazardous objects, risk assessment
  • Techniques for radioecological risk reduction at radiation hazardous objects and territories, radioactive wastes management
  • Physico-chemical methods in radioecology and dosimetry issues
  • Radioactive isotopes production and their application
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiation technologies

2.   RESEARCH NUCLEAR FACILITIES: Modern Trends and Development Prospects

  • Research nuclear facilities
  • Radiation material science and solid state physics, nuclear fuel
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion
  • Nuclear power engineering safety and non-proliferation issues
  • Prospective functional materials of present nuclear power engineering


September 10, Monday – Arrival of Conference participants.

September 11, Tuesday – Conference opening, plenary session.

September 12, Wednesday – Breakout sessions. Bench section.

September 13, Thursday – Conference closing, technical tours.

September 14, Friday – Leave of Conference participants.


Conference working languages are Russian and English. Papers are to be translated into working languages of the conference.


Conference participants shall inform the Organizing Committee Secretariat by e-mail or by phone. +7 (722-51) 3-48-08 prior to September 01, 2018 about the date and number of flight (or train) in the nearest airport (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar) or r/w station (Semey, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Degelen) to Kurchatov town by which they are going to arrive. All conference participants will be met in airport or r/w station and transported to hotel. The Secretariat will help You to arrange hotel reservation. Organizing Committee does not guarantee hotel reservation and meeting for participants who have not provided information on their arrival in advance. We also kindly request You to arrange return tickets for yourself in advance and provide information on return tickets details to the Organizing Committee Secretariat.


Conference program includes tours to STS “Experimental Field” and “Atomic Lake” sites, experimental complexes (research reactors IGR and IVG.1M, Material testing Tokamak KTM and others), Museum of STS history.


Registration fee of the Conference participants is 100 USD to KZT currency converter according to MICEX rate (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange) as of the date of payment.

Registration fee includes technical maintenance, book of abstracts of the Conference, coffee breaks and official receptions, cultural events and tours.

Registration fee can be transferred up to September 1, 2018 to operating accounts of RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan:


071100, EKO, Kurchatov, Krasnoarmeiskaya st., 2
TIN 511800000504, BIN 990240001722, Beneficiary Code 16
IIC KZ989260301112586000 in “Kazkommertsbank” JSC


Kazkommertsbank, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Swift code: KZKOKZKX, Account KZ719260301112586001


JSC “Kazkommertsbank” Republic of Kazakhstan
BIC KZKOKZKX, IIC KZ609260301112586005

After the registration fee payment, please send us scanned copy of the payment document.

Registration fee can be paid also by cash during the registration on the opening day of the Conference.


Time limit for a speaker's presentation on first day at plenary session – 20 minutes, on second and third days – 15 minutes, considering question-answer. Sessions and bench presentations are planned to be held on the second day. Bench presentation shall not exceed 1–2 sheets in А1 format. Bench session duration will compose half a day.

Official conference languages are English and Russian; simultaneous translation will be provided.

With a view to insuring the quality of simultaneous translation speakers shall submit their presentations upon arrival to Kurchatov town or via e-mail to the Organizing Committee in advance.

It is planning to issue the conference proceedings. Book of articles will be published in electron format and posted on website:

Complete text of papers (Russian and English versions) shall be submitted via e-mail to Secretariat prior to October 31, 2018 as an electron copy. During paper preparation, please, type in Times New Roman, type height – 12 pt.

Volume of plenary papers shall not exceed 10 pages, the rest papers – 6 pages А4 (210×297 mm) with margins: upper, left; below – 25 mm; right – 15 mm. Title of a paper is to be typed by capital letters. Skip 2 intervals beneath the title and type name of authors, organization name, including city and country, that you present. Skip 2 intervals and type text through 1 interval. Illustrations, tables and reference shall be included into paper text.


Conference participants and persons accompanying them, requiring visa support, shall provide Secretariat not later than August 1, 2018 via e-mail with the following information:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Workplace, position
  3. Permanent address of residence
  4. Place of visa receipt in Your country
  5. Visa validity
  6. List of cities in the Republic of Kazakhstan You intend to visit


RSE “National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan”,
Krasnoarmeiskaya st., 2, Kurchatov, EKO, Republic of Kazakhstan, 071100

Conference Secretary:

Natalya Utenkova                   |         tel. +7 (722-51) 3-48-08        |         e-mail: