Kazakh State Research & Production Center for Blasting Operations

Was established by RK Cabinet Resolution № 464 "On Kazakh State Research and Production Center for Blasting Operations" dated June 7, 1993. RK Governmental Resolution № 807 of 19.08.2002 incorporates KSCEO into RSE "National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Primary Activity Areas - manufacture of explosives, special-purpose equipment, devices and blasting mechanical aids, expert evaluation of blasting-related design and engineering documentation on development, testing and application of industrial explosives; improvement of industrial explosives; development and application of simple ammonium nitrate based explosives (to be manufactured on a blasting site), manufacturing complexes, machinery and equipment for mechanized blasting operations, rendering scientific and commissioning services related to establishment and development of explosives industry.

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D.G. Massyagin

Director of KSCBO

P: +7 (727) 263-62-41

email: kgcvr_almati@mail.ru

Official website: http://www.kgcvr.kz


Address: 050020, Almaty, L.Chaikina Str., 4